The Unlimited Offering

By the grace of God, we have experienced remarkable growth! Our attendance has increased by 25% compared to last year. However, this growth has brought limitations. We face constraints in our kids' space, the absence of a congregational gathering area, room for leadership development, youth, and numerous other aspects. Nevertheless, we serve a limitless God, one who can accomplish more than we can fathom.

Therefore, through your generous support, we believe we can break these limitations and become boundless. We aspire to secure a space we can call our own, where we can make a greater impact on the people in this region. With the Unlimited offering, our aspiration is that, through your generosity, we can transform into a church without limitations as we actively seek a headquarters! This "HQ" will provide office space, a place to train leaders, and a place for us to call our own

We're looking to raise $100,000 toward becoming unlimited on December 10th! Would you partner with us?