Join The Dream Team

What Is The Dream Team

Our Dream Team is an incredible group of people who have discovered their gifts and passions and actively serve in them! From our Hospitality Team that welcomes new people as they pull in the parking lot to our Kids Team that invests in the next generation - we are a group of people who serve the Church and advance the Kingdom of God one day at a time!

"You're Never More Like Jesus Than When You're Serving Others!"

Here Are Some Areas To Consider:



Here at Accelerate Church, we are passionate about caring for the next generation. Our mission is to help develop leaders who will grow up to impact the world for Jesus. One of the ways that we do this is by creating environments where they can have fun learning about God and His word.


Kids Check-In:  These ACTV Kids Dream Teamers make families feel welcome as they arrive at our check-in station and make sure that the check-in process runs efficiently, effectively and safely.  


Teachers: Teachers lead children into real relationships with Jesus by reading and discussing Bible stories, sharing relevant and engaging video content, and facilitating fun activities for children that deepen their understanding of God and love for Him and His word. They also develop personal relationships with children & families, so families feel safe and secure knowing they are in good hands during the Sunday gathering.


Accelerate Kids Coordinators: Coordinators work alongside the Director to provide oversight and direction, support, training, and leadership for those who serve in ACTV Kids. They help prepare age-appropriate curriculum, oversee the safety and operations processes, develop community within ACTV Kids Dream Teamers, and facilitate learning for Dream Teamers and kids alike to foster spiritual growth.  



Community Life plays an essential role in what we do at ACTV. We strive to love one another, care for one another & grow together as a healthy community of believers by meeting in small gatherings of people (who meet in person or online) to hang out, discuss the sermon and pray together. These are called Crews. This team helps to make sure that happens.  


Crew Leaders: We believe life change happens in the context of relationships. Crews have one simple purpose: to bring people together. God created us to live in community with others, and it is only then that we can experience the full life He intends for us. Choose a topic that interests you and select a time and location to meet with others to share it. We give you essential tools to make your Crews successful through Crew Leader Training and a directory where you can register your group so others can find it easily. 


Crew Coaches: They check in with the Crew Leaders (those who are overseeing the crews) to make sure that they are supported and have everything that they need to run a Crew efficiently. They aid in the pastoral care and training for Crew Leaders.  


Crew Admins: Assist the Crew Director with the administrative needs to launch a Crew season. This includes assisting with registration, and data collection. Crew Admins also work hand in hand with the Crew Director to organize, plan, and prepare for Crew Sundays at the beginning of each semester. They work to make sure that these events run smoothly so people are able to get plugged into ACTV.


The Creative Team serves as the medium that bridges the gap between Accelerate Church and its online and offline community. Collectively, the Creative Team consists of a diverse group of innovators, motivators, and disciples of Christ who strive to expand the Kingdom of God via the ministry of Accelerate Church. By combining our desire to expand God’s Kingdom with the gifts that He has given us, the Creative Team puts their efforts in producing visually impactful content to build a church community and help people strengthen their relationship with Jesus.


The Creative Director: Maintains brand integrity across all Accelerate Church’s marketing initiatives and communications. The Creative Director oversees the Creative Team, develops strategic marketing plans for Accelerate Church, and then implements the various efforts associated with the marketing plan. 


The Brand + Communications Manager: Responsible for providing support to the Creative Director by managing the content production workflow and social platforms for Accelerate Church. Their duties include handling interdepartmental communications, leading the Creative Team to cross-functionally produce content that will service Accelerate Church’s online and offline community, and streamlining interaction and engagement across all of Accelerate Church’s communication channels.


Social Media Managers: Oversees Accelerate Church’s interactions with the public through implementing content strategies on social media platforms. Their duties include posting, creating captions, analyzing engagement data, identifying trends, and planning digital campaigns to build community online.


Content Creators: Responsible for creating appealing content that connects Accelerate’s brand to its target audience. Content creators’ duties may include copywriting, sending emails, and setting up event registrations in Planning Center. 


Photographers: Record events and tell stories using images. Photographers work closely with the Creative Director to capture photos of people, places, and things through creativity and technical abilities in photographic equipment and photo editing software. 


Videographers: Record events and tell stories using cameras, lighting, and audio equipment. Videographers work closely with the Creative Director to capture specific actions of people, places, and things. Video Editors edit captured video to tell concise, visually pleasing stories. 


Graphic Designers: Combine brand standards, color theory, visual elements, and typography to design promotional material for print and digital media. Graphic Designers create graphics, illustrations, logos, layouts, and photos. Designers work closely with the Creative Director and are responsible for shaping Accelerate Church’s visual aspects of websites, print materials, signage, merch, product packaging, exhibitions, advertisements, multimedia design, and more.


Web Developers:  Responsible for designing, coding, and modifying Accelerate’s website, from layout to function according to the Creative Director’s specifications. Web Developers strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.


The Event Team is in charge of brainstorming, organizing, planning, and executing special events for ACTV. They specifically focus on big days such as Christmas, Easter, Baptism Sunday, Mother’s Day, and New Year’s Day. These big days are great opportunities to get people plugged into the culture of the Church and create space for us to connect with new people.


Admins: Help put together these large events. They create briefs, so that there is organizational clarity regarding “the wins,” challenges, and check lists of all of the items that will be needed for that particular event. They help assist the Director in coordinating Baptism Sundays, Communion Sunday, Vision Sunday, & Heart and Soul Night, among other things.


The Hospitality Team is an energetic group of people that create a comfortable environment for anyone that enters the doors (or parking lot!) of Accelerate Church. They make it a point to interact with each guest to ensure they feel at home.


Greeters: A friendly group of people that make our guests feel welcome at ACTV. They maintain positive body language (a warm smile, eye contact). They ensure that areas in the lobby are clean, beverages are refilled, and they assist anyone that needs any type of help. They greet each guest enthusiastically as though they were expecting them. 


The Parking Team: Create a comfortable environment and incredible first impression for guests by offering a safe, easy parking experience with a high-energy welcome. They clearly direct guests to available parking spots or into the building. They also make sure that the signage is properly set up for the service.They greet guests by smiling and attempting to genuinely connect with them through their windshield. 


The Next Steps Station Attendant: A person that is stationed at the booth at the end of the service to help people take the next steps on their spiritual journey. They are familiar with the seasonal calendar of ACTV (current Crews, upcoming Open Houses, Baptism Sundays, etc), and easily help people find their place at Accelerate Church.   


The Next Steps Team leads first-time guests to become fully engaged members and followers of Jesus. We exist to support Accelerate Church in its mission to help people know God, find freedom, discover purpose and make a difference.  


Guest Follow-up Team: Help guests become active, fully connected participants in the Church. The Follow-up Team is responsible for inputting data into Planning Center, adhering to a four-week follow-up plan, calling the guest to thank them for their visit, inviting guests back to Church, and mailing handwritten thank you cards on behalf of Accelerate Church.


Baptism Coordinator: Facilitate the process of preparing families and individuals to celebrate baptisms. The Baptism Coordinator schedules interviews between our Pastors and those interested in baptism, assists the Campus Pastor with administrative tasks in preparing for Baptism Sunday, arranges for certificates and t-shirts to be given to participants, and records the event in Planning Center


Open House Facilitators: Lead the Open House (a prerequisite class for those who would like to join the Dream Team or simply learn more about Accelerate Church). The Facilitator sets the pace, establishes the atmosphere, and delivers the Open House content. As Facilitator, they explain the gospel, mission, and vision of Accelerate, stimulate interaction and discussion within a group, and share your personal process of growth in Christ.

Dream Team Coordinator: Responsibilities start after the completion of the Open House. The Coordinator ensures that participants receive the Dream Team Application and the Church’s doctrinal statements. The Coordinator is responsible for cross-checking all Open House graduates to ensure completion of the class and signing day, helping graduates join a Dream Team, and follow-up with Dream Team members on a routine basis to ensure success and ongoing service


Prayer is the heartbeat and pulse of Accelerate Church. We are built upon prayer. It’s our “secret sauce.” The purpose of the team is to uphold the congregation and its ministries and also the community in prayer and to educate, empower and inspire the congregation in their prayer lives. They commit to serving people by praying for them as they deal with life’s struggles.


Morning Prayer Leaders:  This is a prayer gathering for those who call Accelerate Church home. We aim to unite and pray together through the previous Sunday’s sermon to integrate the message of God’s word into our lives through prayer. The prayer leaders meet on Zoom to pray for an hour with our team


In-Service Prayer Team: Minister to those who come forward at Sunday service by praying for their needs and ministering to their hurts real-time.



The Production team prepares, operates, maintains, and supports seamless graphic presentations, audio, lighting, and video technologies within the Sunday experience. We set the stage by providing a visually engaging, distraction-free environment where people can meet Jesus. 


Production Dream Team Descriptions


Production Director: Responsible for obtaining the visions of the Lead Pastor and the Worship and Creative Arts Director within constraints of tech arts. The Production Director oversees the Technical Directors and leads of the Production Team, including the audio, visual, stage, and Propresenter techs. The Production Director ensures smooth production by keeping everyone on schedule and working closely with all production teams providing clear communication during services, programs, and events.


Technical Director: Responsible for making sure all technical equipment is functional, maintained, and safe. The technical director is responsible for the overall organization of the technical production process. The TD works closely with the Production Director to ensure all aspects of production are completed safely, efficiently, and on budget. The TD is responsible for any necessary repairs to the set, lights, and sound once the service starts and is also in charge of proper breakdown at the end of service. 


Audio Techs: Responsible for all things audio. They play a critical part in the worship experience by paving the way for people to hear the gospel. The Audio Techs work with the Worship Team and other Production Techs. Team members should have a basic understanding of music, including melody, harmony, and rhythmic patterns. The Audio Techs uploads audio to podcasts after service. 


Lighting Techs: Responsible for setting up lighting equipment, conducting system checks, preparing appropriate lighting for the various segments of the service or event. 


Video Techs: Set up video equipment, operate cameras, direct on switcher boards, and produce during services. Techs upload videos to Youtube after services. 


Propresenter Techs: Responsible for the setup and operation of the content on screens using the Propresenter software.